Project Receives City Approvals


On Dec. 6, the Portland City Council approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the renovation project with Howard S. Wright for Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC) services. Howard S. Wright was previously selected by City Council for pre-construction and CMGC services. The GMP allows the project to continue to progress toward construction beginning in early 2018. 

The project team incorporated design advice received from the Portland Design Commission in April, and the project design was approved at an Oct. 19 hearing.

Among the Design Commission’s findings were that the glazing on the ground floor, replacement of the existing elevator towers, and expanded retail space oriented toward Director Park and the Galleria –among other elements –will help unify the site with its vicinity. The Commission also found that the project will improve the retail and pedestrian environment for people walking or using mobility devices, and increase safety and comfort of the walkways and storefronts.

The complete Design Commission findings are available online